About Asha

about asha




Asha Likes:

– salt
– turbulence on planes
– Asian boy bands
– Jeff Bridges
– autumn
these guys and them
– things wrapped up in brown paper



Asha Dislikes:

– dusty feet
– babies on planes
– glare
– bad customer service
– shouting
– satin sheets
– bus travel

Asha has multiple (clashing) dreams for the future.

On one hand she  wants to strive towards a high-powered career that is challenging, creatively satisfying and intellectually stimulating. Preferably something involving high heels, power suits, occasional international travel, strong black coffee and lots of meetings.

On the other hand she is pulled towards the countryside where she can stand barefoot on the grass, dry her bath towels in the sun, have a garden and a bunch of kids and spend her days reading trashy magazines and making relish.

For now though, she will continue to run around the world with her bearded sidekick (also her bestie and boyfriend) until time runs out and a either a decision is made or something else just happens instead (I’m banking on the later).

Before growing up there are a few things Asha wishes to do:

1)   Go fly fishing in Alaska.
This has something to do with the desire to breathe the crisp Alaskan air and stand peacefully in the middle of a stream, gazing up through the trees at some mighty big mountains. A big part of this dream is also so Asha can just wear rubber waders.

2)   Run through a field of lavender in France.
A close friend, who happens to also be French, mentioned that lavender plants are particularly ferocious and running through them may be more of a painful event than Asha’s original idea of a romantic field foray. Incorporating her Alaskan waders isn’t out of the question.

3)  Live in an overpriced loft apartment somewhere in Brooklyn.
Asha would spend her time down at the many local cafes, drinking coffee and eating bagels, or cruising quirky boutiques or flea markets. She’d buy fresh flowers, have a butter dish and use sugar cubes on a regular basis (not just when her fancy friends came around for tea). She’d also be often rude, sassy and spend a lot of time being a judgemental jerk on the subway. Ah New York.

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  1. Hi Asha and Ryan, having trouble posting a comment on your blog pages. It says to log in to WordPress but I thought I already was! Hope your trek has begun well, Asha, and that you’re not pining away, Ryan!
    Love, Mum xxx

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