December 27, 2011

Breakfast at Mixed Business, Clifton Hill (sign of a good day)

Before heading up to Brisbane for Christmas with my family, we treated ourselves to breakfast at one of our favorite local haunts- Mixed Business in Clifton Hill. Personally I think these guys do the best breakfasts in Melbourne. Yep, I said it.

I had avocado on toast (from North Fitzroy’s Dench bakers no less…) and marinated fetta with a side of lemon and homemade tomato relish. I also indulged myself with a rosemary and potato rosti. In recent years avocado has turned on me and for some reason makes my mouth itchy when I eat it. But when it comes to snaffling avocado and fetta on Dench toast from Mixed Business, I will sacrifice my short term comfort any day!

Ryan had poached eggs on toast with basil, grilled tomatoes and pancetta, topped with grated parmesan. This is a somewhat gourmet version of your traditional cooked breakfast but is also lighter and in our opinion much more delicious.



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