Exit Strategy

In Australia

That’s it. I’m done. I’m out.

After all our talking and planning and researching and saving I’ve finally packed up and left the country.

My room was finally cleared and all my trinkets are on the road up to Brisbane to rest safely in the depths of my mum’s storage space (thanks mum!).

I had a bit of a joint farewell party with our lovely friend Tove, which also coincided with the re-appearance celebration of our friend Dylan (last seen drifting around the streets of London in 2009). After all the stresses of organising my exit it was great to get together with some quality old friends and some extreme lounge room dance-offs at the old Moore St mansion.

Ryan still has 2-ish weeks left at work and 10 days after that before packing up and heading up to meet me. It was a bit sad at the airport but more exciting than anything (especially as I was a bit hungover and I knew there was a cheese burger with my name on it in the departure lounge….)

Next stop: Singapore



  1. Meanwhile I am still back in Melbourne, working away, and counting down the days till I meet up with Asha when she gets to Singapore from trekking and riding elephants in Nepal.

  2. I’m getting a bit confused with the process of adding a comment to this blog! I have added a couple but there seems to be no sign of them. Anyway, thanks for the Christmas goodies. They have all been promptly scoffed except for the plum paste which we are keeping to impress visitors.
    Travel safely, Asha!
    Love, Mum xxx

  3. Sheree you are are number one commenter on the blog so far, congratulations and thanks! Asha and the boys started the trek today – so I don’t imagine we will be hearing anything from them until the 20th or 12st.

    Somehow I will survive!

  4. Finally I have got on to the site after our NZ trekking holiday. This is Ryan’s mum……..who ate all of the peanut brittle christmas present without letting dad have any!!!
    We are looking forward to reading about your adventures, although Ryan might die of a broken heart before he even leaves Australia (Asha you should not have left him alone for so long!).
    Bye for now……….mum

  5. Hi team,

    Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Mum, I knew you’d be confused about the comments! We have to “publish” them once you post them so that’s why they dont go up straight away. And also I think you post comments on different blog posts ie. if you commented on the dukkah post it will be under that post, not the relish post ect.

    Back in Kathmadu at the moment, staying at the Shanker Hotel- the old royal palace! A real treat from trekking for 10 days in the freezing cold and not bathing….

    Great to hear you had a lovely time in NZ, Bern. Any photos?

    Stay tune for most posts!…..

    A x

    • Hi Asha – Ryan & the kids have left Mildura today, after Charles’ funeral this morning at 10am. We were so happy that you got to meet Charles as he is so important in our lives. Russ & I enjoyed having the three home even for one night. It was like old times. We really do have an empty nest!!!
      I do have some photos of NZ & I’ll send some when I work out how to….

      Love Mum (Bern)

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