this ending really is a beginning

In Australia

So what is this blog about? Well its about travel, at first in Australia but then Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. That’s a good start anyway. And its about food – the best and freshest, the new and exciting, the strange and unique, the hotspots and hotpots, the way its done here and the way its done there. And we hope its not just about eating, but about cooking to. The how, why and does this need more palm sugar or fish sauce and god that tastes good.

Its about you people living and working overseas, and the highs and lows, the pitfalls, the special moments, and the how you can do it too. Its about the humidity, the noodles, and how much we miss home but are happy to be away.

And photos. Lots of photos. Majestic sunrises. Tropical beaches. Feet. Silly Faces. Bored on buses. And videos. And cats.

And no doubt its going to be a lot about us. Our story, who we are and what we love.

And it all starts with summer in Australia – partly because summer in Melbourne is worth documenting – its a beatiful time to be in such a vibrant city as it really comes of age – but also so we can become wordpress geeks by the time we ensure our overhead baggage is securely stowed, click in our seatbelts, and take that deep breath last breath as we gaze at the world racing by window and feel the wheels lift off.

Boogie Festival, Tullarook, Easter 2011
Boogie Festival, Tullarook, Easter 2011

Hatching an escape plan……Easter 2011

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