Year’s End 2012 – Winding Down in Phnom Penh, Christmas in Australia, NYE and a beardo wedding

Year’s End 2012 from Asha and Ryan on Vimeo. 2012 was a pretty amazing year for Asha and Ryan. Selling out stuff, leaving Australia behind and travelling through Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam before finally settling down to live as expats in Cambodia. Our last video of 2012 sees us hanging out with family […]

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Exit Strategy

That’s it. I’m done. I’m out. After all our talking and planning and researching and saving I’ve finally packed up and left the country. My room was finally cleared and all my trinkets are on the road up to Brisbane to rest safely in the depths of my mum’s storage space (thanks mum!). I had […]

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Flying North

Recently Asha and I were lucky enough to fly to the Gold Coast for the National Conference on Volunteering.  We were involved as the conference’s official media partner (writing news articles, taking photos, pushing the conversation on social media), and we were able to tack 4 extra days onto our trip to visit Asha’s mum […]

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Day Fades Away, North Fitzroy

Asha took this great shot the other day outside my place.  There’s something about it i really like. Also, living with a florist is amazing.  I never thought much of flowers before, didn’t see the point of cutting plants just to keep them for a few days before they slump and sagged.  I’m a convert. […]

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