Jan/Feb Video Mash

[vimeo w=540&h=338] Asha and Ryan – January/February 2012 from Asha and Ryan on Vimeo. As we travel across south-east Asia, we are filming a few seconds each day to give our family and friends a glimpse of what we have been upto. Hopefully this video inspires someone to save some coin, quit their job […]

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Singapore, You Bland Bastard

After Asha’s 3 week head start, I (I being Ryan) finally left Australia on January 31st.  To kick off our trip together, Asha and I spent four days hanging around Singapore.  We stayed with Asha’s dad Big Al, Gelay and Gabby – lazing by the pool, interrupting Al’s daytime ‘Rome: Total Warfare’ sessions, riding around […]

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Hello Singapore…

I’m not going to lie- I don’t like Singapore. I never have. It’s sterile, expensive and often muggy as hell. However, I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time here to find some positives. There must be some… right? Singapore is our first stop en route to Nepal for our little family torture trekking adventure. […]

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