Jan/Feb Video Mash

[vimeo w=540&h=338] Asha and Ryan – January/February 2012 from Asha and Ryan on Vimeo. As we travel across south-east Asia, we are filming a few seconds each day to give our family and friends a glimpse of what we have been upto. Hopefully this video inspires someone to save some coin, quit their job […]

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Paradise on a Budget: Cheap Island Adventures in Thailand

When I read travel blogs, I always want to know ‘how much do things actually cost?’. But usually its really hard to find out. So, if you are planning to travel to the islands in Southern Thailand, I hope this is useful. The islands of Krabi and Trang province are probably the most expensive destinations […]

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Oh Hai, Koh Hai

Kah Hai was the perfect way to finish off the better part of a month spent in the islands.  Not much to write about the island, its perfect really – we just sat on the shore and stared at this beautiful island just off the coast.

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Koh Lanta

After Koh Phi Phi we decided to head down to another island south of the Krabi Provence, Koh Lanta. We heard it was a bit less touristy, quieter and cheaper than its northern cousins. We had intended to spend 4 days. 13 days later…. We were still there. We arrived at Saladan, the biggest town […]

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