Bangkok: Chinatown Duck Tales

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A cheap city like Bangkok means a delicious dinner can be found for a few dollars – but it also means when you want to splurge a bit, things get VERY gourmet.

With a serious craving for peking duck pancakes, Asha and I set off for Bangkok’s chinatown and after a couple of hours of wandering through street markets we settled in at Shangarilla.

Asha and Ryan hit Bangkok's Chinatown
Asha and Ryan hit Chinatown

Ordering roasted pork or duck in Chinatown here is seriously good eats (just watch Anthony Bourdain’s Thailand episode). First you are served the delicious crunchy skin, then the naked animal is sent back to the kitchen, only to return as a few different dishes.

A fat and delicious looking duck emerged from the kitchen, along with a team of 3 servers, who set about preparing Peking duck pancakes table side – the way it traditionally done.

The chef cuts the crunchy skin into small squares, and slices the skin away from the fat and meat. The duck skin is then rolled in pancakes with spring onion, a sliver of chilli and hoi-sin sauce. (Usually Peking Duck pancakes contain a slice of duck meat and skin.)

Crispy duck skin pancakes
Crispy duck skin pancakes

Its hardly health food – but it sure is delicious. Delicate little pancakes surrounding rich, crunchy duck skin.

Asha eats peking duck pancakes
Sivonne has requested more photos of Asha eating. Here you go SB

The duck is sent back to the kitchen, and returns as two big dishes – garlic fried duck pieces, and sweet and sour duck.

Asha Peking Duck
Too much duck for asha

The sweet and sour duck was great – very lightly battered duck, beautiful sauce (fresh pineapple in Thailand is so much sweeter than at home), however the garlic fried duck was pretty dry and very boney.

Needless to say we had to take home some duck doggie bags.

Cost: Peking Duck 900 Baht ($28)


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