Barn Barn – Delicious Singapore Hawker Style Food in Phnom Penh

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So I know where I’ll be eating lunch for the next year or so.  There are plenty of places to get good food around the Russian Market area where we work – but non more delicious, cheaper or unassuming than Hainan chicken joint Barn Barn.  This little off the street eatery serves Singapore style hawker food (I think its run by  a Singaporean family) and the food is delicious as it is affordable.

barn barn phnom penh
Singapore style, Hainanese chicken rice, in Phnom Penh. Considered the national dish of Singapore, the chicken is boiled lovingly is a stock, and some other kind of super-stock is used for the rice. Add chilli sauce, and whatever other condiments you need.

Sometimes with Hainanese chicken rice its hard to see what all the fuss is about – but when its done like this I immediately understand.  Generous portions of succulent chicken and juicy, flavoursome chicken rice.   I haven’t been able to go past it yet, but the plates of fried noodles, fried rice and other dishes look equally appealing.  And all mains are $2.  That’s right.   Spring rolls, deep fried mushrooms and fried yam nests are $1.  Drinks are mostly 50 cents.

barn barn phnom penh

barn barn phnom penhI know that Asian desserts aren’t to everyone’s tastes – but I love them.  Barn Bard have a ever-changing sweets tray at the entrance.  The brightly coloured and mysterious snacks may be my favourite part of the place.  Bright green crepes filled with sweet shredded coconut, decorative jelly moulds filled with nuts, sugar and spices, squares of layered red and green coconut sweetness.

Finding an assuming place like this, that we had been past many times before going on, with cheap and delicious food is a real joy.  On our second visit (the day after our first visit), the staff greeted us with beaming smiles, and welcomed us back.  They’ll be doing that a lot.

barn barn phnom penh

Where is it?  

Street 454, near the Russian Market,  just behind the Coffee Korner (and a whole lot better).


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