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It’s definitely time I posted about Botanico Gastrobar – I’ve made my way through most of their breakfast menu over the last couple of months.  And its became a regular stop on “Ryan and Asha’s tour of Phnom Penh” for most of our recent visitors.

gastrobar botanico
Immediate relief from the city

Behind door #9b on Street 29 (near Sihanouk boulevard – blink and you’ll miss it) is the garden delight of Botanico Gastrobar. Walk down the path through the overhanging plants and a lush, tropical garden, with 5 or so hidden, semi-private bungalows/lounge areas awaits.  its the perfect place to get away from the sweaty city with its engine fumes, mystery smells, and blaring horns.

gastrobar botanico phnom penh
Corn arepas for breakfast

Melbournian’s have an at times unhealthy obsession with coffee – and more recently – going out for breakfast.  And Asha and I are no exception.  Botanico impresses on both fronts.  Fantastic coffee – perhaps the best in Phnom Penh? – and a really interesting breakfast menu.  Pancake stacks with bacon jam and goat cheese, south american corn areas with salsa, delicious muesli.  Great sandwiches too – and the fruit juices are just as good.  I can’t get enough of fresh passionfruit juice – something you wouldn’t be able to get at home.

We have also paid a visit at lunchtime.  Despite being across the city, the customary 2 hour lunch breaks in Cambodia allow all kinds of ambitious lunchtime plans.

It’s pretty pricey, but well worth it.  Now that the rainy season is here its a bit of a mosquito hangout, but they provide mosquito spray and some powerful fans to keep them away.  Any garden setting is going to have mozzies at this time of year.

It’s our favourite Sunday hideaway.

Gastrobar botanico phnom penh

Gastrobar botanico phnom penh

Gastrobar botanico phnom penh

Gastrobar botanico phnom penh
Joel and Lilli diggin in.

Gastrobar botanico phnom penh

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