Metro Rahu: Worth A Trip to the Riverside

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The Royal Palace – walking past this place always cheers me up.

We’d been avoiding going to check out Rahu.  As with a lot of expats living in Phnom Penh, we approach the main tourist strip along the riverside with a bit of trepidation.  Touts, beggars, smelly backpackers and sleazy old men populate this fairly seedy area.  Its a beautiful part of town, especially in the late afternoon, but it can be a but much at times.  However we had heard some great things about Metro Rahu, so we decided to stop being whinging westerners and head down on a Friday night after work.  Some graduates from (our work) Cambodian Children Fund’s vocational training program have found employement at Rahu, so that was another reason worth going.

It was definately worth it.  While the food wasn’t amazing, it was really good.  The menu has plenty of variety and some really great dishes, most of which are to share, which is my favourite way to eat.  Rahu was quiet, the service was great, the room was cool and the wine was just the right temperature.  All of these things can be a bit of a rarity in Cambodia.


Metro Rahu
Gomae, Green beans with garlic and bacon (why hadn’t we thought of that) and Peking duck pancakes!



We had a great bottle of wine, peking duck pancakes, crispy pork belly (which was really, really crispy – like crackling crispy), gomae (a compacted tube of spinach and sesame sauce which is a LOT more tasty than it sounds), garlic and bacon green beans and pumpkin gyoza (these were the only let down – cold inside, and the pastry was dry).

There are some many awful “everything” restaurants along the riverside, that we found it really refreshing to find a nice place with good wine, great service and really well done food.  With a large and varied menu, we will be back to Rahu for sure.

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