March 25, 2012

Feeding Hungry Hippos at the Chiang Mai Zoo

hippos at chiang mai zoo

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After reading mixed reports about the Chiang Mai zoo, we were unsure what to expect – but the entrance fee of 100 baht ($3.30) drew us in.  We were so glad that we went.  We got to feed hippos, elephants, giraffes and even jaguars and cheetahs (a hunk of meat on the end of a stick).  And (for another 100 baht) we got to see pandas for the first time.

panda chiang mai zoo

I'm a panda, and if I want to sit around, eat bamboo and wee all over the place, I WILL!

The zoo was largely empty – as it is the off-season for travel here now – and most of the tourist who were there tore around the park onboard a bus, never getting close to any of the animals.  We walked everywhere – it was very hot and quite often steep – but well worth the effort.

Hungry hippos at the chiang mai zoo

Asha makes a friend

Some of the enclosures weren’t great – lots of concrete, little stimulation for the animals – but the zoo seems to be making an effort to bring the standard of care up to better levels.  Certainly not the worst zoo i have seen in tho regard, but still with a long way to go.

hippos at chiang mai zoo

feed me

Japuar chiang mai zoo thailand

Even Jaguars in Thailand eat meat on a stick

panda bear chiang mai zoo thailand

You holding any bamboo?

baby elephant chiang mai zoo

Cuteness competition

can we be friends?

unlikely animal friends

birds at the Chiang mai zoo

birds. yep, birds.

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