Video: 5 Weeks in Laos – a few seconds at time

So we finally managed to upload our video-mash of our 5 weeks in Laos.  We had a brilliant time in Laos, its a stunningly beautiful country (as the video shows), and although we were there at the hottest time of the year, there was always a river nearby.

We travelled the full length of Laos, crossing the Mekong from Thailand at Huay Xai in the far north-west, and making our way by slow boat, local boat, canoe, bus, tuk-tuk, van and motorcycle all the way down to Si Phan Don in the very south of country.

It was equal parts gorgeous, inspiring, peaceful, confusing, hot, tiring and humbling; but mostly it was just a lovely place to visit.

Next stop: Vietnam.


Ryan May 17, 2012 Laos, Video