Video time! Life in Phnom Penh

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It’s been a while since we put one of these together.  Here is our latest video mash of our lives in Phnom Penh.

We’ve made the transition from sweat back-packers to sweaty expats. We now live in the Penh, and both are lucky enough to work at the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

But while 11am breakfasts and months of holidays have been replaced by working 6 days a week, Phnom Penh is certainly never dull and our adventures haven’t stopped.

So here is an update on us – where we live, where we work and what we’ve been upto over the last couple of months. All a second or two at a time for that goldfish like Gen Y attention span most of us share.

Featuring one second cameo’s from Hendo, Matt Ryan, Pip, Joel, Melissa, Katie, Gemma and hundreds of screaming kids.

Life in Phnom Penh – Asha and Ryan – Sept/Oct 2012 from Asha and Ryan on Vimeo.

Music: Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy


  1. Interesting boots Asha. You look a bit like Russ!!  I love seeing those little kids. Love Bern

  2. Hey! Love the new video… Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives… X

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