Video: Vietnam, a Few Seconds a Day

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Video: Vietnam

Video: Vietnam, a few seconds a day.

Our latest travel-mash-video thing is done and dusted. Check out our month of travel as we travel from the top to bottom of Vietnam.

After spending 3 months in Thailand and Laos, we jumped on a place and headed for Vietnam, to spend a month backpacking, drinking stupidly cheap beers, eating some really amazing food and enjoying fantastic hospitality.

We spent a month travelling in Vietnam, from Sapa, Hanoi and Halong bay in the north, before heading south to Hue, Hoi An, Nha Tra, Dalat before finally arriving in Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh).

We filmed a few seconds each day – when we saw something interesting, or often just when we remembered to.  The Video: Vietnam isn’t an exhaustive video showing everything we did in Vietnam, but it does give a good impression of what Vietnam was like for us. We hope that this video shows other people how easy it is to travel in Vietnam, how gorgeous the scenery is, how amazing the food looks and how much fun you can have.  If this video makes one more person decide to visit Vietnam, then it has done its job.

Vietnam was a last minute addition to our travel itinerary and we really loved it, despite a few hellish bus and train trips (involving mice, cockroaches, smelly dried fish and so many people eating boiled eggs).  Our favourite place in Vietnam was probably Sapa – the impossibly beautiful setting of terraced rice paddies high in the mountains of the North was something we really didn’t expect to see in Vietnam.  If we come back to Vietnam, it will be to visit Sapa.

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Video: Vietnam, a few seconds a day

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